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Continuing Education with the IABC Academy

By Colbie Jones, Senior Account Executive, MHP/Team SI

As many professions offer, did you know that IABC does in fact offer continuing education credits? Yes! You can earn continuing education credits and start applying those credits towards a certification offered only through IABC. Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in the IABC Academy:

Get Registered for the IABC Academy

Though you register or renew your membership through, that does not mean you have immediate access to the IABC Academy. On, you can take advantage of online webinars that are included at no extra charge to your membership. These webinars typically last for about an hour.

However, to start taking advantage of the IABC Academy, you must register separately for the IABC Academy ( There is no additional charge for you to register with the IABC Academy.

Ensure Your IABC Membership Transfers

When you visit, you’ll notice two opportunities. If you are not a registered IABC member, you can still take the continuing education courses at a nonmember cost. However, if you are a member of IABC, you will receive a discounted price for any course available.

Before you register for the platform, make note of the nonmember fees. I had noticed when I registered for the IABC Academy, my membership did not immediately transfer and thus, only the nonmember pricing was available to me for courses. Fortunately, IABC’s quick customer service/help desk was able to assist me very quickly to update my account with my membership so I would only have to pay the membership fees for the online courses.

Utilizing the IABC Academy for Small Teams

In a time of COVID-19, cost savings is at the utmost forefront for companies large and small. When you pitch to management the value of an IABC Academy, make sure to offer a training opportunity for colleagues. Be a team member. Share notes. Set a meeting. Share what you learn. Not only will it help you, as an IABC member, towards additional educational opportunities with the IABC Academy, but it will also position you as a resource/wealth of information for colleagues on new/upcoming industry standards, etc.

Overall, make sure to take advantage of the IABC Academy. Gain certifications and advance your personal career as a professional marketer and communicator.

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